It Pays To Adopt Crypto

There are tons of great programs out there, and to decide which to join for best returns can be quite confusing. To start you on the journey of strategically creating an additional income online , we have chosen the crypto advertising platform called Asimi Pros. We make it clear on our website that the CryptoCurrency market is the best place to begin a career as an investor. It does not require that you have a huge capital to start earning interest on your money if you so choose. In fact, many Defi exchanges/wallet allow you to stake your crypto assets for an interest rate much larger than a traditional bank will ever pay you.
Asimi is an advertising token created by the owner of It is also used on Asimi Pros to buy advertising and to pay commissions on the platform. Having said that, we want to touch on the reasons why we feel that Asimi Pros is really a great platform to start accumulating Crypto assets.

1- Free ad package
The company gives a free ad package to every new member. It is worth 100 Asimis
2- Great compensation plan
You get 100% matching bonus on your referral’s earnings. On subscription packages the company pays all the way down to 6 levels.
3- Asimi price
Lately the price of the Asimi token has been fluctuating between $0.012 and $0.019 That is quite a drop from its all time high of over $0.30 What does it mean for you? Asimi looks like a very good asset to accumulate and hold. Since the need to advertise will never go away, you can be pretty confident that Asimi will rise again to $0.30 and even higher.
4- Risk management
The price of a subscription is 100 Asimis, which is worth about $1.40 at the time of this writing. Let us round it up to $2 and calculate the amount of money we would need to earn daily in order to eliminate our risks: 2 ÷ 365 = $0.0055
As you can see you would need just a little over half a penny/day to recover your loss. And We can assure you that there are many platforms on the Internet where you could earn a lot more than that.

We hope that we have given enough interesting reasons why our choice of Asimi Pros as a launching pad for your investor career is a fairly reasonable one, and that you will take up our advise. Thank you!

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Another program Crypto Pros!

1- Risk                         (Deposit $15 + Transactions fees) let us say it is a total of         $17

2-Return                      (Maximum earning on total of 10 matrices)                                  $875

3-Result                       (300% earning can happen in a few weeks , or in many months)

4-Risk Elimination        (Penny strategy: earn $0.05/day for 1 year)                                $18.25

What you need to do.

1- Invite 2 or more friends to join the Donate2profit Team

2- Explain how they can implement the Crypto Pros strategy at zero risk to them.

3- Share the many ways by which they can earn $0.05 or more daily.

4- Let them benefit from various online free cash offers.