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Asimi Token, Embracing The Digital Economy.

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Since Cryptocurrency is here to stay, it makes perfect sense to adopt it now, while less than 20% of the human population has even heard of it, let alone owning crypto coins or tokens, or even understanding the basic principles of this new technology. We feel it is better to get in the game while the industry is at its infancy, instead of waiting until mass adoption to jump on board. By that time, it would be “too late” to make the maximum profit you could have made, had you entered this space much earlier. So, that is why we are not simply urging you, but we are actually begging you to heed our advice.
While most people are going after Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and the like, the D2P Team is taking a different path. We are going after
Asimi, which is a utility token that is highly underestimated. Currently, the value of Asimi has been fluctuating between $.0012 and $.0019 over the last few months. And people are just unaware of the incredible potential to make tons of money with Asimi by starting to accumulate it now, in great quantities while it is SO CHEAP. There was a time, when 1 Asimi was worth well over $0.30, and there will be a time when it goes back up to that lever and much higher. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF INVESTING IN ASIMI NOW!
Here comes the beauty in Asimi. Since it is a utility token, there is a way of making money with Asimi today, even in the event that its price plunges further in negative territory. In other words, what we are trying to impress upon your minds is that Asimi is a great “investment” because you can always turn a profit with Asimi if you know what to do with it. AND THIS PROFIT IS THE FOUNDATION OUR 3R INCOME SYSTEM.
That how it works:
1-Buy and accumulate Asimi
2-Hold half, use half or any other combination (40/60, 30/70)
3-Use profits from the use of Asimi to: a- fund business opportunities. b- Buy more Asimi.
4-Repeat step 1 to 3

A Good Place To Start

There are tons of great programs out there, and to decide which to join for best returns can be quite confusing. To start you on the journey of strategically creating an additional income online , we have chosen the crypto advertising platform called Asimi Pros. We make it clear on our website that the CryptoCurrency market is probably the best place to begin a career as an investor. It does not require that you have a huge capital to start earning interest on your money if you so choose. In fact, many Defi exchanges/wallet allow you to stake your crypto assets for an interest rate much larger than a traditional bank will ever pay you.
Asimi is an advertising token created by the owner of It is also used on Asimi Pros to buy advertising and to pay commissions on the platform. Having said that, we want to touch on the reasons why we feel that Asimi Pros is really a great platform to start accumulating Crypto assets.

1- Free ad package
The company gives a free ad package to every new member. It is worth 100 Asimis
2- Great compensation plan
You get 100% matching bonus on your referral’s earnings. On subscription packages the company pays all the way down to 6 levels.
3- Asimi price
Lately the price of the Asimi token has been fluctuating between $0.012 and $0.019 That is quite a drop from its all-time high of over $0.30 What does it mean for you? Asimi looks like a very good asset to accumulate and hold. Since the need to advertise will never go away, you can be pretty confident that Asimi will rise again to $0.30 and even higher.

What you need to do.

1- Invite 2 or more friends to join the Donate2profit Team

2- Explain how they can implement the strategy at zero risk to them.