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Why do we call ourselves “Donate2profit Team”? Well, it is quite simple. You see, people do not often realize the fact that there is Magic in Giving.” When you espouse the habit of Giving you will quickly find out that Life blesses you with more. Therefore, we find it wise to require that every member of the Team practices the “Keep one, Give one” philosophy so that they build teams that are a lot larger than they could ever assemble on their own personal efforts.

There are 2 levels of membership you can choose to adopt:

A- Basic member (no active participation with the project)

C- VIP member (full participation with the project)

A VIP member is someone who has introduced at least 2 new members to the team. There are a lot of benefits in becoming a VIP. For example, you get rewarded in various ways each time you bring an additional member to us. Those reward may include monetary compensation, free advertising credits, free crypto tokens and much more.

We expect that the Team will help you save on your current bills, your grocery, your online shopping and travel expenses. We are also confident that we can assist you in creating an additional income online within a year time.

Team philosophy:

1-Internet, the great door to financial security and stability!

2-There is power in Duplication!

 The Internet 

Anybody with access to the Internet can potentially become financially stable. There are a

lot of free money offers on online that you can take advantage of. Therefore,

we strongly recommend that you use these offers to build a residual

income online. Earn money with your smartphone

 Power of Duplication.

If you can teach someone how to earn $1 online, you basically give them the key to

financial success. By repeating over and over again this process of creating a profit of just

a mere $1 for themselves, they will be well on their way to great financial security, and

even financial freedom.   Make money for free.

  Building the Donate2Profit Team.

we have a very simple strategy that all team members are required to follow.

We call it the 3R Income generating system.  More details below!

Tax Obligations

We, the Donate2Profit Team, want to make it clear that you, and you alone are responsible to pay taxes on any income you may earn as a team member. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you keep a record of your earnings, so that you can file and pay when they are due. Please, pay them on time!

Thank you The Donate2Profit Team.

Earning Internet Income!

Primary Ways To Earn Online.
$ Selling your own products and services
$ Affiliate Marketing/ MLM
$ Trading/ Investing
$ Free Offers

Donate2profit Team Does It All.
A- We have our own product. (Teaching)
B- We are affiliated with many companies.
C- We hold assets. (Crypto Currencies)
D- We have access to many Cash Offers.

How Will You Make Money?
Earn as you learn. If you know how to use a computer: no prior experience or special skills needed.
Just follow our lead, and copy what we do.
Click on the link to get started

Free Cash Offers (Available In USA Only)

Monetizing friendship and familial relationships.
Do you have friends and family members?
Of course, you do!
And do you know that they can earn you
a nice income on a monthly basis?
Just for being their friends, you can potentially earn $100’s every month! CLICK

Additional Offers From Inbox Dollar (USA Only)

Inbox Dollar is a company that allows you to earn an extra income online by completing offers on their site.
We have included a page that shows various offers they are currently promoting. Take a look, and if you are truly interested, we will send you all the info you need to complete them.

To see a short list of cash offers from Inboxdollars  CLICK HERE

Awesome Power Of The Internet!


The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the human mind.

It is a tool that has totally transformed the human experience

here on Earth. The two areas of our lives where this new

technology has had the most profound effects are in the

social and economic dimensions. Nowadays, social media sites

are the most popular way that people (especially among the youth)

choose to come together to do everything from politics to dating.

As we speak, there are many traditional brick and mortar stores

that are closing their doors, just because they can no longer

compete against the thousands of online stores that are going

live everyday. Just in case you did not notice, there are

millionaires that are being created all over the world, thanks

to this amazing technology. And the question we want to ask

you today is this: are you financially profiting from the Internet?

And if your answer is no, why not? 

It is absolutely incredible to observe how very few people

are actually taking full advantage of the potential wealth

opportunities that the Internet has to offer. As a result of

these observations, we have come up with the following HYPOTHESIS: 

Access to Internet + Right Information= Residual Income. 

We want to test this theory in order to show that the digital

economy can solve many of the financial problems that people

are struggling with all over the world. That is why we are

inviting you to join our cause by implementing together

with us the strategy that we have so carefully designed

to confirm or refute our original assumptions.

We mentioned earlier this formula,

Access to Internet + Right info= Residual Income.

Now, in order for you to really grasp what

we mean by this formula, we are going

to introduce you to the concept of the

3R income generating system. 

Cool Donate2Profit Team Cool

 What Is The “3R” Income Generating System? 

 It is an online money-making system developed

by the Donate2Profit Team. 

If you have access to the Internet through

a smartphone, tablet, laptop etc… then,

you are well positioned to benefit from

the Internet, and earn an extra income online.

Cool The 3 R stand for: Cool

1-Risk 2-Result 3-Return

 We name this strategy 3R Income System for the following reasons:

1-Risk (your risks are very low, you only need about $60 to start the process.)

2-Return (you can more than double your money in a very short amount of time.)

3-Result (you can start seeing nice extra income in your account in

10 months or less, depending on how fast

you wish to implement the strategy???)

Just in case there is a lingering doubt in your mind,

let us make it clear to you that

 that we really do think that our claim is valid.

You can truthfully generate a five figure income online with a

starting capital as low, as insignificant as $60

In fact, the real secret in creating an insane income

online, lies in your ability to build a huge network

of business partners working together for a

common cause, goal or vision. It is not so much

the size of the capital you want to invest, but rather how

good you are at strategic planning and executing a chosen

strategy! In other words, can you envision a great financial success,

and bring it into reality in the physical world?

Well, this is exactly what we intend to do by sharing

our vision with you today. So, we want you to pay 

close attention because we are about to reveal to you

the strategy which, we feel, can take us there.

Cool What You Need To Have. Cool

1-Separate Gmail account for conducting business.

2- Bitcoin address for making and receiving payments.

a-To buy/sell Bitcoin(Get $10 bonus)

3- Prepaid Debit/Credit Card for making payments.

Click Here To Apply For one.

4- Paypal account to pay and receive payments.

Get an account here

Traditional job versus Network Marketing.

Now, we are going to take a look at differences between a Network Marketing job and a regular traditional job. We hope you can begin to see why so many people are exploring the many possibilities that the online industry has to offer.

Why is it a good idea to embrace Network Marketing?

Job limitation.

-There is a limit to the number of traditional jobs you can work in a day.

-On the contrary, a Network marketer can work dozens of jobs in a day for the simple reason that most of these jobs can be completed in 2 hours or less.


-Most traditional jobs require you to show up for work at a certain location. This implies commuting which translates to travel expenses, as well as time expenses. Commuting to work can eat up 1 hour or more of your time whether you use public transportation or not.

-On the other hand, Network marketers can perform their work anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet via their phones or laptops. That is the beauty of Network Marketing, you can take vacation trips as often as you wish, and still not miss one day of work.

Income security.

-Most people who hold a traditional job, rely solely on the income provided by that job. Usually the loss of employment easily translates to a loss of livelihood for the great majority of workers in the world.

-However, a Network marketer rarely has to face such an unfortunate predicament. The simple reason being that their income is strategically generated from multiple sources. They usually promote 1 or 2 primary businesses, while at the same time they are affiliated with a legion of companies in related or different industries. Money is always flowing to their bank account.

Unlimited income potential.

-If you hold a traditional job, your income is often dictated by the wishes of your boss. You make as much as the boss is willing to pay you.

-By contrast, Network marketers, to a great extent, decide how much they want to earn. If they are happy with a couple of hundreds, thousands or even millions monthly, then they will put the necessary efforts to generate that income.

Ease of business ownership.

It requires a lot of capital to open a business. Not only that, most traditional businesses need to remain operational for at least two years or more in order to become profitable. So the risks of losing your investment are quite significant if things do not unfold in the way you had envisioned.

-On the contrary, you can be in business with $60 or less by becoming an independent business owner (IBO) with a Network Marketing company. Oftentimes, you can be in profit in a matter of weeks if you put in the effort in building a strong organization, by attracting the right business partners. Tell me, what would you rather risk: $60 or several thousand of lifetime savings?


It is good to have a traditional job especially when you love what you are doing for living. If you are one of those who are not too happy with their profession, maybe you need to explore Network marketing for the reasons cited above. It gives you so much freedom and choices that you can actually enter the field as a part-timer. You need not quit your boring and stressing job in order to pursue Network marketing, It will not interfere with your current occupation.

If anything, it may provide the strength to endure whatever dissatisfaction you have to deal with at your job, by planting in you concrete hopes that one day you will happily submit your resignation.

Benefits Of Owning A Business

Special Note: please be advised that this article was copied from the Internet. The author is GREG JOHNSONClick here for the entire page.

I love being self-employed. For years, I worked for other people and was relatively happy. However, I always had a nagging feeling that I wanted to strike out on my own. I wanted more freedom. I wanted control over my own destiny. And, now that I finally made it to self-employment, I’ll do whatever it takes to never look back.

There is a lot to love about self-employment. You have the freedom to make your own choices and decisions. You can set your own hours, build your own investment (rather than somebody else’s), and never have to ask off for vacation or family events. Of course, you don’t get paid when you go on vacation either, so there is definitely a balance that needs to be struck.

Self-employment also comes with a lot more risk. If you have a bad month,you are not guaranteed a salary. Furthermore, you ‘re completely on your own when it comes to covering costs for healthcare, retirement, and business expenses. You can’t just turn in an expense report and get reimbursed. Everything that you spend on your business comes directly out of your pocket.

See alsoHow to Get Healthcare if You’re Self-Employed

Worst of all, you’ll learn what it means to pay the dreaded self-employment tax. Instead of your employer paying for half of your social security and medicare taxes, you pay the entire thing. When you pay both halves of your payroll taxes AND write a check to cover your quarterly income, it quickly becomes apparent how much you are actually paying to the government each month. Trust me, it’s a shock to the system.

Don’t get me wrong. For me, the benefits of self-employment far outweigh the drawbacks. Along with the personal benefits I’ve already mentioned, there are obviously some financial benefits as well. Here are a few of my favorite financial benefits of being self-employed.

Unlimited Income Potential

One of the greatest rewards of self-employment is the opportunity to make an unlimited amount of income. Unlike most jobs in the corporate world, your salary is never be capped or topped out. You are in control of how much money you ultimately make.

Want a raise? Either work harder, drum up more business, or both. With self-employment, you get to reap what you sow – which means your income potential is only limited by your ideas and your work ethic. This is huge, but also comes with a lot of responsibility. You only get paid for the work you actually do, not for simply showing up and punching a clock.

Save Money on Transportation

If you’re lucky enough to run your business out of your home, like me, you can save a bundle on transportation costs to and from work. You probably don’t think about how much it costs you to travel to work because it’s become habit for you. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the mean travel time to work in the United States is 25.5 minutes. That is about 50 minutes a day, round-trip.

Let’s assume you pay about $30 a week in gas to get to work. That’s $1,560 a year. By not driving to work, you may only fill up once a month. That’s a savings of $1,200. This doesn’t even take into account the wear and tear on your car. More importantly, you’ll get something even more valuable back: Your time. Transportation to work may not be the most obvious cost, but it definitely adds up.

 Save Money on Clothing

Again, while this isn’t true for all self-employed individuals, if you’re able to work from home you can save money throughout the year on clothing costs. Those working in a professional office atmosphere have to dress the part. Even if you don’t have to wear a suit every day, you’re still expected to look professional.

I used to spend about $500 a year on clothing for work. Now that I work at home, I can wear my pajamas if I want to and nobody would know the difference.

 Tax Deductions

When you think about the financial benefits of being self-employed, you immediately think of tax deductions. Yes, tax deductions are nice. But, the truth is that these deductions may not be as beneficial as they seem. Those who are not self-employed often think that a “write off” suddenly makes everything free. It doesn’t. You still have to pay for it. You’re just not charged income tax on the amount of money you spent.

The effect is that self-employed individuals are able to buy certain business related items with pre-tax dollars. Here are a few of the most common tax deductions for business owners:

Meals – Provided that you are either traveling for business or meeting with a client, a meal can count as a tax deduction. This is a nice perk, particularly if your business requires a lot of lunch or dinner meetings. However, you rarely can deduct the entire meal. Typically, you can deduct 50% of the cost of the meal, provided that you save your receipt and note the business purpose.

Entertainment – Like with meals, 50% of the cost of entertaining a business client can be deducted from your taxes. You are required to do business either immediately prior, during, or immediately after the event. Again, you need to keep detailed records and receipts for the event.

Travel – Traveling for work events is another nice tax deduction. If you are self-employed, you can deduct the cost of your travel expenses (airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, taxis, etc.) from your taxes. However, your travel must have a specific business purpose. Passing out a few business cards to the beach attendant in Cancun isn’t going to cut it. Be sure you can prove that your travel was business related. If you’re mixing business and pleasure, only the business portion of your trip is deductible.

Transportation – If you use your personal vehicle to conduct business, you can write off your business related trips as a tax deduction. I’ve always found the standard mileage deduction the easiest way to go about this. Again, you’re not allowed to deduct any personal use, and you need to keep excellent records in case of an audit.

Home Office – If you have a room in your home that is specifically used for business purposes, then you have the right to claim it as a tax deduction. This area needs to be dedicated specifically to work, so be careful using this one. I use the home office deduction each year, but it really doesn’t amount to that much. Because the formula is so complex, I usually take the “Safe Harbor” home office deduction to avoid any issues.

Internet & Phone – In addition to your home office, you can deduct the portion of your internet and phone bills that you use for business. Again, if you use these items for personal use, you may only deduct that portion of the bill that is dedicated to business.

Health Insurance – Self-employed business owners are able to deduct the cost of their health insurance premiums (as well as the premiums for their spouse and children), provided that they are not eligible to be covered under another plan (such as their spouse’s employer sponsored plan.) This is certainly a nice benefit, but it isn’t as great as it might seem. Because self-employed people usually don’t have access to group health insurance rates, premiums for coverage on the open market can be outrageously high. For instance, the cheapest plan available for my family costs over $800/month in premiums with a deductible of over $13,000. Remember, this is just a deduction, so my health insurance costs are not free. Of course I’m going to take the deduction, but it is far outweighed by the fact that being self-employed limits my access to plans with lower premiums.

As a freelancer, there are financial apps designed specifically for you that will enable you to take advantage of these tax deductions. Take, for example, Hurdlr. They’ll automatically track all your expenses and income streams and automatically find you tax deductions.

Retirement Savings

By far the biggest financial benefit offered by the government to self-employed individuals are the qualified retirement savings plans that are available. These options include SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, and Solo 401(k) plans – and they are awesome.

Because employees often receive “free money” from their employer to put toward their retirement, they are subject to stricter contribution limits. Self-employed individuals must fund their retirement completely on their own, so the contribution limits are far more generous.

For instance, SEP IRA limits for 2016 are set at either 20% of compensation or $53,000, whichever is smaller. That is a ton of tax deferred money, which is a huge benefit. It reduces the amount of tax owed now and (in theory) should reduce the amount of tax you’ll pay later (because you should be in a lower tax bracket). Again, this isn’t free money, but the generous limits are certainly a plus.

Note: SEP IRA contributions to an employee or 25% of compensation or $53,000, whichever is smaller (Source: IRS). However, as the employer, you can only deduct contributions to your own SEP IRA up to 20% of compensation or $53,000, whichever is smaller (Source: IRS). These limitations apply to 2015 and 2016 tax years.

 Wrapping Up

While there are many financial benefits of being self-employed, not all of them are as lucrative as they might seem. However, the freedom and opportunity that self-employment allows is hard to quantify.  If you’re thinking about self-employment, carefully consider the costs and benefits before making the leap.

More Tax Savings Tips

In the last section we talked a lot about the Tax benefits you can take advantage of when you are a business owner. Now, we would like to provide you with additional information on this topic, that you might find extremely useful.


The World Of Crypto Currencies!

Today we are going to provide you with some useful information about Crypto currencies. We will mainly focus on Bitcoin, which is the very first Crypto that was created about 12 years ago. We have set up a webpage that features several videos that teach you the basics about Bitcoin. After viewing them, you will know how to buy, send and request Bitcoins.  


Seeing through your own objections

Today, we would like to turn your attention to the many ways we sabotage ourselves. As crazy as it sounds, there is such a thing as fear of Success. There are a lot of people out there who are afraid of attaining success in life. They will swear they they want to be successful, and yet they will constantly take decisions that undermine the very success they are seeking.
It is amazing how quickly the mind dismisses the simple task of referring people into a business opportunity, by suggesting to you that you do not really know anyone that you can invite. Obviously, this is clearly a non-truth, and yet, you are at peace with yourself accepting this suggestion as a fact. Why do you deceive yourself like this? The reason is simple: deep down, you do not believe that you can really make money with that opportunity. Therefore, instead of voicing your inner convictions, (which might sound impolite to the person who is sharing that opportunity with you) , you find it more convenient to invent the story: ” I do not know anyone with whom I can share it”. But, here is the problem: if you wanted to go on a cruise, or go to a concert, the theater, the movies, a party, you would have no problems finding people to go along with you. So, how come you do not have “anyone” when it pertains to earning money online, while at the same time, you have tons of friends if it is about spending money and having fun? It has to be that you do not believe in the opportunity, and that getting involved with it would be a waste of your time, energy, and money. We are not suggesting that you absolutely must get involved with Network Marketing. All we are doing, is encouraging you to be honest with yourself, and really give it your sincere consideration. In this world, everybody has connections. You are free to monetize or not, from your connections in this life. And, if you like the idea of turning friendship into “cold, hard cash”, the concept of “Sphere Of Influence” needs to be examined. This concept plays on the fact that everybody in this world has relatives and friends. Your sphere of influence is your small circle of people that listen to you and are always ready to support you in whatever you do. They are usually family members or close friends with whom you resonate at a very deep level. These people have a very high trust in you, and will easily go out of their way to help you succeed. Therefore, when you start building your business, you will want to reach out to that group of people, first. Oftentimes, the size of this group can be counted on one hand. And that number is more than enough to build an organization online. In conclusion, we would say that everybody can benefit from Network Marketing. Do no cheat yourself from earning an additional income from that model of business by convincing yourself that you cannot network. If you have a phone, that is your irrefutable proof that you most certainly can. And if you do not have one, you still can, because you, now, understand the power of the concept: “Sphere Of Influence”. We are pretty confident that you can do it, therefore, Go Put It In Practice Today.